Doctor Tapes - 2023 Updated Review

If you love seeing everyday situations find it’s naughty desitines, then you certainly don’t want to miss out on Doctor Tapes. Lucky for you, we’ll review everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind series.

When first launched back in 2021, it immediately captured our attention. The exclusive series has played out a variety of different scenarios based on fantasies brewed up at a medical office. We especially love how well casted the characters are, and each episode is done superbly in terms of drawing the viewer in for a real ride.

The doctors in this series certainly know how to carry out full-body examinations, and aren’t afraid of digging deeper into any testicular or anal issues their young patients may have. They’re trusted sources who provide the best care for any issue that walks through the door, and the physicians on Doctor Tapes have certainly found the most efficient medicine to cure whatever symptoms a patient may have.

In this review, we’ll take you deeper into all that the series has to offer, and explore how different memberships can really open the doors to a whole new way of experiencing porn!

What is Doctor Tapes?

So, what is Doctor Tapes? In this exclusive series, the going-ons behind the closed doors of medical visits suddenly get revealed. As it turns out, renowned physicians have a new way of solving many health issues that young lads face these days, and the results have proven to be life changing!

When in the hands of a hunky and assertive medical professional, it’s easy to feel as though you are being taken care of. They are trustworthy, intelligent, and certainly knowledgeable when it comes to curing physical problems. So, it’s no wonder that their young patients are eager to get checked out.

As it turns out, many patients have come in seeking help in their sex lives. Yet again, the doctors just know what medicine is needed to cure. Lucky for the patients, it usually cums in the form of an injection of protein administered in house by the medic himself.

Regardless of what scenario is playing out, each episode of Doctor Tapes delivers the sexiest of fantasies. Fan favorite scenes include a young patient coming in after problems with his erection, and another includes a returning patient who just can’t seem to get enough of the doctor’s prescription. The masterminds behind this series have thoroughly thought out every detail, and their execution of believable scenes is certainly not worth missing!

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Always in HD, always professionally filmed. With a membership to, you’ll never have to deal with poorly made videos that do more harm than good. Consider yourself in good hands with a subscription and all of the other series that you’ll unlock with it.

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The Spiciest Roleplay Porn Site on the Internet

As you’ll be able to explore within all of the series you’ll unlock with a membership, the SayUncle network certainly knows how to execute the hottest roleplay scenes that you’ll ever come across. Not to mention, the creativity explored within the conceptualization and execution of each series takes the porn experience to the next level. Doctor Tapes is a great example of this experimentation, as the creators took a rather niche kink and exploded it to expand a complete series.

No other series on the internet creates the most believable scenes that will truly feel like you are there watching the heat play out in real life! It’s an experience that certainly changes the game when it comes to getting turned on, and feeds fantasies to an unmatched degree.

DoctorTapes Members Area

The Hottest Models in the Industry

As the creators of this series have proven time and time again, they’ve fully mastered what it takes to bring the hottest talent to the screen. The chemistry between pairings is genuine and authentic, and we especially love the stern personalities exuded by the doctors, and the innocent twinks who play the patients.

In this series, you’ll come across a long list of different talents, both renowned and new. Some famous performers in the industry who’ve made a feature in Doctor Tapes include Joel Someone, Marco Napoli, and Aaron Trainer. You’ll also see a wide range of new talent in the mix, including fan favorites Zayne Bright and Chase Rivers.

FAQ About Doctor Tapes

Have questions about Doctor Tapes? Check out some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is Doctor Tapes Worth Joining?
A: Say Uncle is a gay porn titan and produces some of the hottest porn on the web. Things get kinky in this doctor's office, and the patients love every second of it. With over 35 scenes and counting, Doctor Tapes is a must-have for any gay porn lover’s collection
Q: What Gay Pornstars Can I See on Doctor Tapes?
A: Say Uncle has a knack for finding gay pornstars that the internet grows to love. Doctor Tapes keeps the trend going and features all your favorite studs. Myott Hunter, Marco Napoli, and Darron Bluu can all be seen at
Q: Can I Cancel My Membership At Any Time?
A: Sure! Canceling is simple – if you want to return, you can rejoin anytime.
Q: What Porn Niches Does Doctor Tapes Porn Cover?
A: Doctor Tapes is for all the kinky porn lovers who might fantasize about getting fucked by their steamy doctor during a check-up. We like to play with exciting stories to keep things fresh!

Final Notes: Doctor Tapes Review

All-in-all, becoming a member on will contribute to your jerk-off sessions significantly. With all of the perks that members are offered, this subscription is one of the best we’ve seen within the industry. Not to mention, everything is always produced with top-notch standards, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be satisfied with what you are watching.

With a Doctor Tapes subscription, you’ll never have to deal with the hassles of generic and free porn sites again! We highly recommend taking advantage of the subscription deals that are run by the network, which will allow you to treat yourself at a fraction of the cost.

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