Free Porn Video feat. Dakota Lovell

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Dakota Lovell and Killian Knox

An Exclusive Doctor Tapes Dakota Lovell Scene

Killian isn’t exactly jazzed about being in the hospital, but when he sees how cute his new doctor is, he thinks he might be able to stomach another check-up. Dakota seems young for a doctor, but there is no better medicine man in all the land. Dakota goes through his routine procedures, listens to Killian's heart, and gets an impression of his vitals. All the while, Killian eyes the cute doctor, checking him out and enjoying his delicate touch. Dakota is used to men fawning over him and doesn’t mind. In fact, he thinks Killian is pretty studly himself and wouldn’t mind doing a more thorough examination. Dakota decides to make the move and has Killian de-robe. Killian is nervous but excited, wondering if Dakota will really be brave enough to play with him right there in the hospital bedroom. Killian gets his answer when Dakota starts tonguing his asshole. It feels incredible - easily the best medical attention he’s ever had. The twink doctor sure knows what he’s doing, and Killian savors every second of having his ass eaten. Dakota pulls out his cock, and Killian is shocked at how big it is. Killian is even more excited to get fucked now, knowing he’s getting topped by such a well-endowed stud. Dakota slips his cock in and fucks Killian hard, but he ensures to still bring his delicate healing touch to the mix. When he’s about to cum, Dakota pulls out and shoots his hot messy load all over Killian. Their loads mix together and get all over Killian’s cock and balls. It’s a wonderful sensation and just the kind of operation Killian needed.

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